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Why Internet Privacy Is So Crucial?
« Dátum: 2021. Augusztus 12. - 16:13:27 »
It often feels that we're doomed to surveillance capitalism. Every action we take is being monitored. Every single click, each tweet and every website we visit is being tracked. To track, exploit, manipulate, and control us, companies and governments gather as much data possible. How horrifying is that? In order to influence elections and sell people things that prey on their most angsty fears, data from individuals is being utilized. This is only going to get more invasive. Insurance companies employ algorithms that analyze your personal data to figure out how much you will have to pay for insurance. Companies monitor your internet activity such as purchases, education degree, marital status, family history, marital status and many other aspects. This means that if someone buys clothing in a plus size or is currently going through a divorce , the algorithm will most likely find you to be at high likelihood of becoming depressed. And mental health care can be expensive for an insurance company. They will force you to spend more. What a great way to spend your time. So, what else can we do? It seems that every action we take and everything we do adds to the internet’s data bank. What do we do to prevent this? Don't lose hope of your privacy at this point. It's possible to feel defeated, but there is still a way to make some difference. You're not able to completely leave the grid. However, there are a few actions you can take. Here are the three steps I used to achieve my goal.
Step 1: Learn about how your data is collected
To combat this the first step is to learn how your information is being collected. You probably already know that everything you post online (private and public) is tracked and stored. emails, WhatsApp messages, browsing history and posts on social media are all susceptible to this. It is important to understand that any action you make online could be used to collect information concerning you. Companies are becoming more sophisticated by the day in how they gather data about you.
Google is an example. They are constantly finding ways to gather your personal data. Google Street View cars that roam the globe taking photographs were discovered secretly searching WiFi networks in order to gather personal information in unencrypted communication. Google Glass allows them to see private areas using the wearable technology that comes with Google Glass. Google Home listens to all your words as long it's on. Niantic, owned by Google's parent company Alphabet Inc., released Pokemon Go in 2016. The game utilized your phone's camera and GPS to find Pokemon. It was also a great way for you to get access to private areas as well as the corners and nooks of your home that you would otherwise not be able to access. Google may also consider Pokemon Go an experiment, to test whether people can be digitally controlled to click only on the appropriate places. They are extremely sly. It is essential to be aware of any data you share on the internet.
Step 2: Understand how you are tracked
Your personal data is being taken in. But how do they get used?
At any time, the five big players (Google, Facebook Apple Microsoft and Amazon) keep track of your online activities. Through social media, email, chatting, streaming, shopping, browsing, gaming and working, your information is gathered and stored in your online profile. Since the big five hold a monopoly over the data market, they can easily create data hyperlinks. Facebook is the sole owner of Instagram, WhatsApp and its own social media platform. Facebook allows users to connect these platforms to create a large profile that includes all three data sources. If you are using Facebook to sign in to your Spotify and other accounts, you soon have lots of data points that are being delivered to the storage facility. To stop your data being made into a detailed persona, you must remove the hyperlinks between your data points. This means you must separate your usage to prevent the creation of these links. However, this isn't a simple task. It's a practice that some take extremely seriously. They try to remove all digital footprints, so it's impossible for their movements and actions to be traced. This includes things like creating multiple online accounts, using cash instead of card, and using different phones and emails for different purposes. It's impossible for the majority of people to accomplish this. This means it is almost impossible to make use of your Facebook or Google accounts right now.
What else can you do?
Step 3: Make a few small digital adjustments
"The people will divide between those who want convenience and those who like privacy." -- Niels Ode Finnemann
What kind of comfort would you be willing to give up in order to keep your privacy private? It's likely that you're not willing to sacrifice this too much.
Let me provide you with some small achievable steps I took to ensure my privacy. This will let you be more in control of the information you share with these companies, and you'll be able to use online without being watched.
UniMe Top secure chat app
Connecting people with virtual assistants to enhance their lives and business The app offers wallet payments, verification and many additional features. This is all combined with everything you'd want from AI/Blockchain. See apple data privacy issues . It is brought to you by Unity from the UniWorld Ecosystem. (Follow Secure Messaging App for cryptocurrency comminities.)
DuckDuckGo -- A safer search engine
Your online searches can reveal an enormous amount. They can reveal your most intimate thoughts and questions and private moments. It's a good thing that web-based searches are one of the most secure ways to keep private. DuckDuckGo, which gives similar results to Google's own search engine, is a good alternative. DuckDuckGo lets you browse privately for items, without fear of being tracked. It also features website encryption, blocking tracking, and block tracking.
Brave - A safer web Browser
Google may still track your use of DuckDuckGo in the event that the browser you are using is Chrome. It is essential to select one that is not tracked and is secure. Tor is the most secure browser, but it isn't easy to set up and to get used to. Brave is my favourite out-of-the box browser. It's fast and secure, as well as private. Brave is also accessible on Android as well as iOS and can therefore be downloaded there.
Bromite -- The safest Android Browser
The best mobile browser available and comes with ad-blocking, as well as improved privacy. Unfortunately, it is only available for Android.
Telegram is a better mobile app for mobile messaging
It can be challenging to transfer your conversations to a different app. It is essential to convince all the people you're talking to to onboard. Most people continue to use WhatsApp and do not want to change. Signal is the most suitable choice for privacy and security. Signal isn't frequently used and doesn't come with enough features to force users to quit their current applications.